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Maquinaria Martínez

We are a company dedicated to buying and selling industrial machinery and equipment. Our career has been almost exclusively for Domestic Market for several years, but nowadays we are working hard to let us know in Europe through our Technical Service, which is one of the most important pillars of our company, also we repair and / or rebuild all types machinery for industry: CNC, milling, grinding, and lathes, etc ...

We are specialized in repairing and reconstructing AMUTIO-CAZENEUVE lathes as it was in AMUTIO INDUSTRIES, SA precisely where we began our extensive experience in the sector. We also have the equipment and tools needed for the manufacture and sale of ORIGINAL PARTS AMUTIO.
Also, assembly and safety protections machinery we adapt to the new legal regulations. We make assembly and dismantling of heavy machinery and smaller. We move workshops, warehouse, leveling and checking machinery at the new facility.

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We have specialized operators in handling and repairing machinery and we also collaborate with other independent professionals (self-employed). Our main objective is to offer a fast, reliable and quality service, which allows us to provide our work with a 24 MONTHS WARRANTY against reconstruction defects.
Also, we would like to inform that we have several representations of commercial firms with which we have been working for a long time, such as, KOMET, OSAWA, YAMAWA, GERARDI, LAGUN.
Hoping that this information will be of your interest, we are at your disposal to answer or resolve any questions that may arise.

Carlos Martínez Granell – Ramón Martínez Romero
45 years working for our customers